Gaming Monitor vs Home Monitors

The main difference between a gaming monitor vs a home monitor (also called a regular monitor) is the following.  A gaming monitor is specifically built for gamers, while regular monitors are better for day-to-day work.  Refresh rate  Gaming monitors vs home monitors...

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The Super Ax50 Router

The Super Wifi Router If just the best is good enough for you when looking for home office or home entertainment networking, then you will find a perfect match in the TP-Link Archer AX50 router.  This router comes with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology and delivers solid...

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How to Choose a Gaming Monitor

The monitor of your gaming PC setup may be one of the last things to sort out after you took care of the GPU, fans and snazzy lighting, but it’s the crowning glory of your battle station. After all, the graphics on the screen is what creates the world that we step...

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The Risks of Windows 10 Cracked Keys

A Compromised Windows System If you are using a cracked or unlicensed version of windows, you should seriously consider activating it or even performing a clean install. Not only will you have a better experience using your computer, but it will also be much safer....

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