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  • Promotion only valid from 1 to 30 September 2020

Terms and Conditions

3 Year Extended Warranty

  1. It is important to note that all terms and conditions of Computer Mania are subject to the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (CPA) and in no way bypass or supersede any rights the Client may have in terms thereof.
  2. In order to qualify for the extended warranty, the Client has to register the extended warranty online at The registration needs to be completed within the first 30 calendar days from the date of purchase on the original invoice (proof of purchase).
  3. The extended warranty has been entered into between Computer Mania and the Client in respect of the notebook (laptop) described on the invoice (proof of purchase), as soon as the online registration has been successfully validated by a return email to the Client, from Computer Mania.
  4. Only ASUS notebooks (laptops) sold between 1 September and 30 September 2020, qualify for this special promotional extended warranty offer.
  5. The purchase date of the unit, indicates the start of the manufacturer’s warranty. The extended warranty starts the day after the manufacturer’s warranty expires and will be extended by an additional two years. The total warranty period shall not be longer than three years, should the manufacturer’s warranty be longer than 12 months.
  6. All terms and conditions of the standard manufacturer’s warranty will apply to the extended warranty.
  7. This results that damage incurred by, or signs of the following (but not limited to) will void the manufacturer’s warranty and will therefore not be covered under the extended warranty (this agreement) either:

7.1 Acts if God

7.2 War

7.3 Any form of liquid damage

7.4 Fire or heat damage

7.5 Lightning damage to the product

7.6 Misuse or abuse

7.7 Incorrect power usage or power surges/interruptions

7.8 Normal wear and tear

7.9 Public violence or demonstration

7.10 Infestation by insects

7.11 Failure to properly maintain the laptop/notebook

7.12 Use of improper cleaning products, methods or tools

7.13 Faulty/Incorrect installation

7.14 Deliberate or accidental damage

7.15 Incorrect operation

7.16 Use for which product is not intended or designed

7.17 Use of faulty or leaking batteries

7.18 Damage caused by the use of generic accessories, such as universal power supplies

7.19 Changed or removal of serial number

7.20 Signs of repair by unauthorised repair centre

7.22 Theft or Accidental loss of unit

7.23 Software related problems (no hardware fault) on laptop/notebook

7.24 Damage caused by viruses or malicious software on laptop/notebook

7.25 Faulty, expired or non-compatible software drivers on laptop/notebook

7.26 Damage to Windows software registry on notebook fitted with a Windows OS

7.27 Damage causing LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) leakage or screen cracks

7.28 Any other exclusions not listed above, but listed in the specific product terms & conditions on the manufacturer’s website or supplied with the original packaging.

  1. Should the laptop/notebook require repairs in terms of the warranty during the course of the joint warranty period, the Client has to bring the unit to a Computer Mania branch of his/her choice in order to submit the laptop/notebook for repair.
  2. Batteries are excluded from the extended warranty
  3. Please note that this agreement is a repair warranty and does not automatically entitle the Client to a replacement of the laptop/notebook or a refund.
  4. Upon submission of the laptop/notebook, the Client must supply Computer Mania with a proof of purchase of the original unit.
  5. Computer Mania will notify the Client that the product is available for collection, after any repairs have been conducted. The Client must collect the unit within a period of 3 (three) months, failing which the laptop/notebook will be sold in order to cover costs.
  6. During the extended warranty period, should it not be possible to repair the laptop/notebook for whatever reason, Computer Mania will replace the product with a new product to the same or better specifications than the original unit purchased. This new product may not include an extended warranty, but will carry a standard manufacturer’s warranty, starting on the date of issue of the new product.
  7. If, for any reason, Computer Mania is unable to supply a unit with similar or better specifications than that of the original laptop/notebook purchased, during the extended warranty period, Computer Mania will supply the client with a Computer Mania voucher to the same value of the original purchase. Any special or discount at the time of purchase, will not entitle the Client to a higher value than the price paid for the notebook.
  8. All Computer Mania laptops/notebooks are backed up by a manufacturer’s warranty. For more information on the exact manufacturer’s warranty of a product, kindly refer to the documentation supplied with your laptop, on the manufacturer’s website or enquire at your nearest Computer Mania store.
  9. This extended warranty will be added and registered to the specific product and Client, as a free value added product. This extended warranty is not refundable or transferrable in any way.