The Various Computer Shortcuts that you should know about

Shortcuts For Both Windows PCs and Apple Macs (For Apple computers, replace Ctrl with Cmd)

Ctrl+A – Select all text
Ctrl+B – Bold selected text
Ctrl+C – Copy the highlighted text
Ctrl+F – Opens find window
Ctrl+I – Italics selected text
Ctrl+K – Insert hyperlink for selected text
Ctrl+N – Creates a new blank document in some programs
Ctrl+O – Open a file in the current software
Ctrl+P – Opens print preview
Ctrl+S – Saves the file
Ctrl+Tab – Switches between tabs in a program
Ctrl+U – Underline selected text
Ctrl+V – Paste text or object
Ctrl+X – Cuts selected item
Ctrl+Y – Redo the last action
Ctrl+Z – Undo the last action
Ctrl+Home – Moves the cursor to the start of the document (Apple Cmd+up arrow)
Ctrl+End – moves the cursor to the end of the document (Apple CMD+down arrow)
Alt+Tab – Switches between open programs (Apple Cmd+Tab)

Shortcuts Exclusive to PC (not available for Apple)

Ctrl+Backspace – Deletes a full word
Ctrl+left or right arrow – Moves the cursor one word at a time
Ctrl+Shift+left or right arrow – Highlights one word at a time
Alt+F – File menu options in the current program
Alt+E – Edit options in the current program
F1 – Universal help menu
F2 – Rename selected file
F5 – Refresh the current program window